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Indian Spices Restaurant

This well reviewed Pittsburgh Indian restaurant has a wide range of menu choices- vegetarian and non - vegetarian. everything from Daal Makhni (Creamed lentils in tomato sauce- with spices and butter) to chicken, shrimp,  beef, lamb and goat dishes.

Facebook website is kept up to date regularly with new photos of the food, so you get the chance to have a look at what they do there. Chicken Korma is a big hit with many- and enjoy fresh baked naan bread from their clay oven.Check out the $9.00 Special, an all you can eat lunch buffet. 


Indian Spices Restaurant

129 6th St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 281-1364 




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India Garden Restaurant


Oakland based Pittsburgh Indian Restaurant- with a highly varied menu. You'll find 18 different kinds of bread are available. Check out their vegetarian and non-vegetarian combination dinners. Non-vegetarian option for instance comprises of soup, Tandoori chicken, Malai Kabob, Lamb Curry, Raita and lots more besides. whereas the vegetarian option includes Vegetable Samosa, Baingen Bhartha or alternatively Shahi Navratan Korma Matar Paneer, Dal, Raita and other items. Both combinations come with coffee and tea included.

This Indian restaurant offers happy hour' dinners from Monday to Friday-which give 50% off. Other special deal coupons are also available on their website.


India Garden Restaurant

328 Atwood Street



PA 15213

(412) 682 3000




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Taj Mahal Restaurant 

Prides itself on authentic Mughlai, North, South and other regional cuisine. The restaurant makes its own cheese and yoghurt each day.Care is taken to cook with a minimum of oil and no MSG. Highly varied menu offering a great degree of choice.Multiple beef, chicken, lamb, goat, shrimp and other non vegetarian dishes are available, as well as a full and varied vegetarian offerings also. You'll find lots of choice regards desserts and beverages also. 

A  Lunch buffet is available everyday- however expect to pay a dollar more at the weekend.Dinner buffet served Monday, Thursday and Saturday only. Online ordering is available via the website. Also it is possible to select the ' spiciness level" of the particular dish you are ordering. 

In terms of the basic Indian spices used by this Pittsburgh Indian- these include Jeera (or Cumin) which helps to deliver fragrance to the food; then there is  Haldi (or  Turmeric, by another name) Turmeric gives color. Laal Mirch also called Red Chili, is used to spice up the food. Amchur (which is powder made from dried mangoes also adds much to the food as does Heeng (or Asafetida).


The Taj Mahal, Inc.

7795 Mcknight Road,


 PA 15237   

Tel: (412) 364-1760



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Tamarind Savoring India

Tamarind Flavor of India

Tamarind Flavor of India  (Cranberry)
Taj Mahal 

India Garden 

Indian Spices

 Information on popular Indian Spices


Turmeric has a vibrant yellow color and is the most important ingredient in curry powder. Turmeric is heavily used in Northern and Southern Indian cuisine. It adds to the dishes concerned both visually and in terms of taste. It is made from the roots of the Turmeric plant.


Cumin, usually supplied as seeds or a powder, after the Cumin plants have been processed. The Cumin plants are tropical in nature and grow in countries such as Mexico, China and of course India. Cumin is utilised to improve flavours in curry powder, cheese and some breads- along with other foods. It is during/after the roasting process that  the Cumin seeds acquire their strong smell and flavor. 


' Dhaniya’ ( Coriander in Indian and also known elsewhere as 'Cilantro') is like Turmeric available in powder form or as seeds. The seeds  can be used with roasting or without. Coriander possesses a particularly sweet aroma. It's a spice that is liable to be found in all Indian kitchens worldwide. Coriander leaves are often used as a garnish and the oil for meat seasoning etc. Coriander is a herb well respected for it health benefits. These are numerous to say the least- but include cholesterol and blood sugar level control.The plant also has antibacterial properties - and can help fight the effects of Salmonella.


Cardamom can be found being used in many Indian dishes . Cardamom is the dried ripe fruit of the Cardamom plant.Black Cardamom is often used when preparing Curries,and a range of other common dishes.  Cardamom oil is used in the preparation of many foods and also various Indian drinks. Grown mainly in southern India- although can also be found growing in many other counties to a lesser degree. It is used ground, and also whole.


Seed pods from the Tamarind tree-. Tamarind has a distinctive sweet and sour flavor. You'll find Tamarind used in Chutneys  curries and other dishes. In seed,and paste and also block form. Powder from the kernel is used as a condiment in India. The Tamarind tree originally came from Madagascar. A very well known and highly versatile Indian spice.



Tamarind Indian Restaurants 

Tamarind has indian restaurants in three locations in the Pittsburgh area- each with its own name: Savoring India-in Greentree, Flavor of India - in Oakland and the Tamarind Cranberry. The Tamarind Indian restaurants specialize in indo- Chinese cuisine, such as Gobi Manchurian, Chilly Chicken and other items. It should be noted that the Savoring India restaurant menu is a little spicier than those of the other two locations. This restaurant offers a lunch buffet every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On other days you'll find a mini buffet is served at the table.

Flavor of India offer a lunch buffet everyday. It also offers certain promotional events- such as 50% off Student Nights, Dinner For Two nights at special rates and other promotions.

Tamarind restaurants offer a great range of dishes - and as such a great variation in choice. For instance the Cranberry restaurant offers 11 different kinds of bread and a great range of vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes; from a Navratan Korma (fresh garden fresh vegetables, fruit and nuts in a creamy sauce) to Kheema Mutter- (a minced lamb dish with peas and spices).

Savoring India
2101 Greentree Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15220 (412) 278-4848

Flavor of India - Oakland
257 N. Craig Street
Pittsburgh PA 15213

Tamarind Cranberry
10 Saint Francis Way,
Cranberry Twp. PA 16066
(724) 772-9191

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